About Us

We make it good.

Canberra’s favorite pizza bar has been brought back to life by a local girl and her pizza obsessed husband.

The original Theo’s opened its doors in 1979 at the Carleton Street shops and quickly became known as one of the best takeaways in town.

Today Little Theo’s still has the original late-70s marble look formica laminate counter but Anthony & Aimee brought some of cosmopolitan Sydney back with them by ripping up the old lino floor to make way for industrial concrete and adding huge, timber pallet furniture, hanging coper lighting and a newly renovated stainlesssteel kitchen.

In the days before smartphones, a video game machine and pinball machine kept customers busy while they awaited their spoils.

Today nothing has changed, Little Theo’s is still sporting the video game and pinball machine and they still make all your takeaway favorites from scratch.

Little Theo’s is the only takeaway shop to be invited into the Australian Good Food Guide and has been listed in the Her Canberra’s Top 100 Canberra Food Experience you must have before you die.